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Membership with California's Community College Student Affairs Association is a great thing because members get valuable job info, regional resource contacts and important leadership learning experience!

Community College Chancellor's Office

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The purpose of the California Community College Student Affairs Association is to promote and advance public two-year post-secondary education and to bring the members together in an association for mutual benefit.

Community College Chancellor's Office

Regions Page

    Regional Map & Information

  • The following document provides regional information about California's colleges.
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    Today's California Community Colleges

    The California Community Colleges are a system of two-year public colleges. There are 110 community colleges throughout the state. The colleges serve approximately 2.8 million students each year and represent the largest system of higher education in the world.
    College programs may consist of one course or a series of courses leading to a Career Technical Education/vocational certificate, an associate degree, or preparation to transfer to a four-year university or college. All California Community Colleges offer courses that meet lower-division requirements (first two years) of a four-year university.

What We Do: For Members!

Scholarship Opportunities

Student Leadership Scholarship

Professional Development Scholarship

Student Senate Information

Congratulations to last year's CCCSAA Scholarship Winners!

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What We Do for Members:

We offer resources and career information to members, and local regional information for California's Community College students.

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